United Way Youth Venture

United Way Youth Venture inspires and invests in teams of youth primarily between the ages of 10-22 to create lasting social change. Across the nation, we help young people to use their interests and passions to address a problem in the community.

Ventures are completely youth-created and youth-led. Youth involved in UWYV take something that they are passionate about and address a need they see in their community, from building skate parks to starting tutoring clubs. Through the process of launching a Venture, young people learn the important skills of leadership, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and empathy as well as other valuable life skills.

To become a Venture Team, youth are required to complete an Action Plan, which is similar to a business plan. Venturers present their idea to a community panel, which determines whether the Team is ready to launch. Venture teams must benefit the community, have clear and attainable goals and be sustainable.

The Power of Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Youth Venture gives young people leadership roles. It gives them an outlet to channel their energy and harness their passion and use that to make their world and their community a better place.