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Does United Way Youth Venture conflict with class time for my child?

No it does not. Participation in the UWYV program is optional and we ensure that all students and teachers understand that students must not let their time in UWYV conflict with their grades. However, through UWYV, we work to help students take the skills they learn with us and apply them within the classroom to help raise their personal expectations and strive for higher grades.

What do the students learn while in United Way Youth Venture?

Part of the United Way Youth Venture mission is to teach students the skills that are necessary to succeed in school, future careers, and their own personal lives. Some of the many skills they learn to use include: budgeting, goal setting, professional communication, teamwork, and courage to express their own ideas in public.

Does it cost money for the students to join United Youth Venture?

There is no cost to the students to join the program.

What are the benefits for the students if they join?

There are many benefits for students who are involved with UWYV. Through the program, students will gain 21st century job experience that they can add to their resume to earn better jobs, improve their college application and chance to receive scholarships through their experience in civic engagement, and become a part of a growing network of people in civic engagement worldwide.

Do I need to give permission for my child to be a part of United Way Youth Venture?

All students who are involved with a Venture Team must have a parent sign two permission forms. One is a liability document which explains that they are responsible for representing the UWYV program professionally and using Venture funds responsibly. The second is a media permission form to let us know if we are allowed to post pictures of your child for marketing and social media purposes. We also recommend that you take the time to speak with your child about their project, so that you can ensure you feel comfortable in the direction they are taking and know how you can help them in the future.

How can I help be a part of the United Way Youth Venture program?

There are many ways parents can get involved with the program outside of just supporting your child’s work. Parents can become an Ally for a Venture Team in which you are the non-controlling mentor for that team’s questions, needs, and events. Parents may also act as a panelist if they have real world experience that will help strengthen a particular Venture project.