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What is a Venture?

A Venture is a group of two or more students who work together to use their passions and skills to help solve a problem they see in the world today.

What types of topics can I choose from for my Venture?

There are an unlimited number of projects that you can choose to do as long as you are using your passion to make your choice. Venturers have done everything from using their passion for music to raise money for better equipment for the school art programs to using their love of soccer to help stop the spread of malaria in Africa. Just make sure that your parents or guardians know what you are trying to do and are give you permission to work on the subject of your choice.

What would I have to do to start my own Venture?

You can start your Venture at any time in the year once you find your inspiration to help change the world. All you have to do is let the UWYV Champion at your school know that you are interested in starting a Venture and they can help guide you on your next steps. They will also help connect you to the UWYV staff in case you need extra support.

Do I have to be at the weekly meetings or classes to be in UWYV?

No, this program is available to every student at each of your partner sites. If you cannot attend the UWYV meetings or classes, due to personal or educational reasons, but still have an idea that you would like to turn into a Venture, you can speak to your Champion or UWYV staff about setting up other possible meeting times that work for both you and them.

How long does it take to launch a Venture?

There is no specific timetable to starting your own Venture; it all depends on your level of interest and commitment to finishing the Action Plan for your Venture. Some teams have been able to launch within two months of coming up with their Venture, while others have taken close to two years to finish the process.

How does the funding work for my Venture?

Once each Venture is approved by the panel, the panel has a chance to award teams’ seed funding to start their Venture from UWYV. The seed funding amount is determined by the panel based upon how much the team shows they need start-up funds proven by their estimated budget. The panel may come to the conclusion that a team may need more or less money than originally requested.

What are the benefits for me if I join?

There are many benefits for students who are involved with UWYV. Through the program, you will start and strengthen friendships with those who are as passionate about helping as you, gain 21st century job experience that you can add to your resume to earn better jobs, improve your college application and chance to receive scholarships through your experience in civic engagement, and become a part of a growing network of people in civic engagement worldwide.