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Does United Way Youth Venture take away from class time learning?

No it does not. UWYV is offered either after school or during workshop periods that do not interfere with any classes. Venturers understand that they cannot let their work with UWYV interfere with their grades or classwork.

How does the program benefit the students who are involved?

There are many benefits for students who are involved with UWYV. Through the program, students will gain 21st century job experience that they can add to their resume to earn better jobs, improve their college application and chance to receive scholarships through their experience in civic engagement, and become a part of a growing network of people in civic engagement worldwide.

What roles do the United Way Youth Venture staff and Champion play?

The Champion is the primary school staff member for UWYV which comprises both mentoring students through the Venture process and acting as a liaison between the staff of the school and UWYV staff for all extra needs. Members of the UWYV staff engage students on a weekly basis through supporting the Champion and helping mentor the Venturers.

How can I help be a part of the United Way Youth Venture program?

There are many ways teachers can get involved with the program outside of just supporting the Venture Teams in their school and community. Teachers can become an Ally for a Venture Team in which you are the non-controlling mentor for that team’s questions, needs and events. Teachers can also act as a panelist for Ventures to help ensure that the Ventures will be successful.

How can I bring the United Way Youth Venture program into my class?

The UWYV program greatly complements the standards of the Common Core. If you are interested in adapting the program into your classroom, you can reach out to the UWYV staff to create a unit that includes the lessons of UWYV. This can not only help your students, but much of the UWYV documentation can be used to complete your annual teacher evaluation.