Children’s Group Swim Lessons

At this time, Mount Fitness remains closed. We are continuing to follow the Governor’s State of Emergency Declaration in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It would be irresponsible of us to open our doors, even for small groups. You can still take advantage of our Group Exercise content by going to and registering for a free account. Management will continue to monitor the situation and we will open our doors back up when it is safe to do so. Please take care and stay safe! 

We miss all of you!

Childrens SwimmingChildren’s Group Swim Lessons

*Spring Swim Lessons – We plan on holding spring swim lessons if we can when we re-open the gym. Keep checking back for further information. If you would like to discuss, please feel free to give us a call at 978-630-9354 or email Aquatics Director Jacque Renwick at

What Swimming Level is my child?

Swimming levels range from our parent and child classes for infants as young as 6 months old, to group lessons for students ages 6 and up. Click here to learn more about the swimming age levels.

So you are starting swim lessons!

Here are a few things that will help you get started with swim lessons at Mount Fitness. 


All swimmers who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers plus a covering bathing suit. NO REGULAR DIAPERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AT ANY TIME. Bathing suits are required. Wetsuits, swim shirts (no cotton) or rash guards are encouraged because the water is colder than your child’s body temperature. Don’t forget dry clothes to change into after lessons.


You bring your own towels to the pool. We suggest that you bring two, one to put over the child while on the deck before and after lessons, and a second for after showering.

Class Times

Please be early for your lesson! This will ensure that your child is getting the full attention of the instructor as well as participating fully in all skills for the day. We recommend arriving at least 5-10 minutes early in order to make sure your child has used the restroom, is changed, showered and ready to begin class at the designated time.


Please see the schedule posted on our website if you have questions about dates for class. We highly suggested printing it out and keep it with swim gear.

Swim Gear

We have goggles, floaties, kickboards and fins. There is no need to bring other swim gear, everything is provided for your child. If they have goggles, please make sure they are of good quality, bad goggles are worse than no goggles at all!


Adults must remain on the deck when your child is in swim lessons. There is no dropping them off and picking up later, and no going elsewhere in the building. Please only approach the class at the request of the instructor.

No Show/Credit Policy

No Credits will be issued for circumstances that are beyond the control of Mount Fitness Aquatics. Missed classes due to:– Child’s illness, vacation or if you should choose not to attend.

  • Inclement weather
  • Power outages
  • No water supply
  • Mechanical issues

Most instructors will attempt to make up any missed classes when it is due to weather or pool issues, but there is no guarantee as one session usually flows right into the next with 1 week at most in between.